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Vegan Cheese Masterclass

37 HQ video lessons | Lifetime access

Make delicious, plant-based vegan cheese at home

Now you can create healthy, delicious vegan cheese without dairy and gluten! All plant-based, vegan and super healthy.










Learn Sayuri's secrets to making amazing vegan cheese at home 

Vegan chef Sayuri Tanaka will show you step by step how you can create your own vegan cheese using a variety of different preparation techniques and essential ingredients.

“Learning vegan cheese is about bringing excitement in life! Learning fermentation is about connecting to the wonder of nature!”

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Master the art of vegan cheese

You will learn many different types of cheese and preparation methods from non-fermentation to lactic acid bacteria fermentation and blue and camembert mold fermentation to create your own flavorful cheeses in various shapes and forms.

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Vegan Cheese Masterclass

Discover the flavorful world of vegan cheese.

Join more than 500 alumni and learn how to make fermented cheese, raw vegan cheese, vegan camembert, blue cheese, family-friendly cheese recipes, and much more!

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Here's what you will learn


Chapter 1: Vegan Cheese Without Fermentation, Cooked and Raw

  • How to recreate cheesy flavor, and the family-proven comfort cheese recipe and cheese dishes that everyone loves, from young to old. 

  • Basic technics, tools and ingredients that you need to make vegan cheese.

  • How to make cheddar, mozzarella, ricotta, feta, cream cheese, and recipe variations using those cheese such as macaroni & cheese, caprese, bruschetta, Greek salad, & sandwiches, party cheese ball. 


Chapter 2: Raw Vegan Fermented Cheese

  • How to use basic nut fermentation as a starting point for creating many kinds of exquisite vegan cheeses. 
  • The essential ingredients such as lactic acid fermentation and its unique characteristics & conditions to develop the fermentation.
  • The essential techniques for forming cheese into different shapes, such as sliceable aged cheese, cheese logs and balls.
  • How to make flavor variations of your homemade cheeses to fit your personal taste.
  • The simple yet powerful rules to present your beautiful cheese plate.


Chapter 3: Raw Vegan Mold Camembert And Blue Cheese

  • How to use specific molds to create the popular camembert and blue cheese - completely vegan!
  • Step by step detailed process of aging and ripening of mold vegan cheese. 
  • Mold cheese starters & helpers and its unique characteristics & conditions to develop a richer & tangier flavor profile.
  • How to build your amazing cheese board! 


Chapter 4: Condiments, Raw Breads And Crackers

  • How to make the perfect condiment such as mango chutney, balsamic reduction and candied nuts, and raw breads, bagels & crackers, to accompany the cheese plate and cheese board.


Chapter 5: Cheese-Related Vegan Gluten-Free Desserts, Baked And Raw

  • How to make raw cheesecake and baked cake with cream cheese frosting.
  • How to create and apply this to the different variation, and the basic principle of vegan baking.


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What our students say


To be completely honest, the taste of cheese is one of the things that I miss the most ever since I transitioned to a plant-based diet 10 months ago [...] 

True enough, the masterclass exceeded my expectations. Sayuri shared with us so many different recipes and techniques on how to make different kinds of amazing and delicious vegan cheese and incorporate them into different dishes [...] 

I truly believe that vegan cheese could help convince more people to switch to a plant-based diet and Sayuri’s 2-Day Vegan Cheese Masterclass would be the perfect way to introduce them to the magical world of vegan cheese. Thank you so much, chef Sayuri

Maxene Magalona-Mananquil

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Learn how to make fermented cheese, raw vegan cheese, vegan camembert, blue cheese, family-friendly cheese recipes, and much more!

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