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Sayuri Online Academy

Learn how to make delicious raw and cooked vegan food that will make you feel vibrant, happy and alive.


$999 $599

Raw Food Chef Training Level 1 - PRO CHEF (Certification)

Become a professional Plant-Based Chef by mastering all the skills to develop Raw Vegan Plant-based dishes for restaurants and prepare healthy and delicious meals at home.

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$478 $286

Raw Food Chef Training Level 1 - HOME CHEF

Make delicious, plant-based vegan raw food at home for yourself, friends and family!

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$809 $485

Raw Dessert Chef Training Level 1 - PRO CHEF (Certification)

Become a professional Raw, Plant-Based, Vegan Dessert Chef by mastering all the skills to develop Raw Vegan Plant-based desserts to work in restaurants & to prepare healthy and delicious treats at home.

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$428 $256

Raw Dessert Chef Training Level 1 - HOME CHEF

Make delicious, mouth-watering vegan dessert food at home! Learn guilt-free, delicious, easy to make but  dairy-free, egg-free, wheat-free and white-sugar free raw vegan desserts as a perfect start to introduce healthier eating & a healthier lifestyle to your loved ones and family!

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$199 $119

Vegan Cheese Masterclass

If you love cheese this course is for you. Learn to create the most creamy, savory plant-based and cooked-vegan cheeses and the dishes to serve them with.

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$99 $59

Raw Food Kick-start

Kickstart your health by learning the basics + essential skills for preparing healthy and nourishing raw food at home.

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$178 $159


Vegan Cheese Masterclass + Raw Food Kickstarter

Get both courses for a reduced price!

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I took Raw Food Chef Training online at Sayuri Academy and besides learning so much is lot of fun in the way the lessons are presented. I love all lessons because they are very nice videos and I don't need to be reading, the lessons are very well and easy explain and Sayuri's personality make it awesome. Also the Team is really nice and always willing to help and answer very fast any enquiry. This is the best online course that I have taken at the moment. Definitely I will go for more with Sayuri! 💕

M. Ignacia Herbage 

2022 Online Raw Chef Training Level 1 - PRO

100% Plant-Based & Vegan

Compassionate nutrition without compromising on taste and satisfaction. From raw to cooked.

Improves your health and your skills

With more than 10 years of experience, we will share the shortcuts to a healthier food preparation

Become part of the movement

A sustainable future has to be healthy, compassionate and fun. We focus on all three principles as our core values.

About Sayuri Tanaka

Sayuri Tanaka is the founder of the popular Sayuri Healing Food Café in Bali. She has more than 20 years of experience as a Vegan and Raw Chef and has taught healthy cooking for more than a decade: in Bali, Japan and other countries.

Sayuri promotes practical ways for creating a better world. Good nutrition is the foundation she has dedicated her life to promoting, and raw-vegan cuisine is her passion and her love.

Join us online or at our academy in magical Bali.

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Sayuri Healing Food is a community of Happy Healthy people based in Ubud, Bali.

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"The course exceeded my expectations. Sayuri is a marvelous teacher."

- Agnes (CA)

"After training in Bali and online I highly recommend Sayuri's courses, they are very interesting, fun and informative."

- Gerard (NL)

"Sayuri shares everything in a fun and easy to understand way."

- Nritya (CH)

"Transformative raw vegan education with expert guidance and a vibrant community. A must for those who are passionate about health and wellness."

- Jivan (USA)

"Engaging content and practical tips make this raw vegan online school a fantastic choice for learning and transitioning to  a plant-based diet."

- Jennifer (HK)
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Discover the magical world of raw food and learn how to prepare colorful dishes that make you feel healthy and vibrant.

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