About Sayuri Healing Food

Based in Bali, the healthy lifestyle destination, our vegan restaurant, Sayuri Healing Food Café is a leading edge of that scene and it continuously inspires many visitors from all around the world. Here we share our love through the food that makes your soul happy, nourished, and lifted, where community gets together, where you feel like at home and welcomed, where you feel good and safe to be your authentic self.

We serve many raw-living food for its higher light & vibration to enhance healing processes, healthy rejuvenation & longevity on physical, emotional & spiritual levels. We also serve deep nourishing simple cooked vegan meals, incorporated the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Chinese, and Macrobiotic.

At the back of our Café garden, we have a studio, where we run many events and yoga programs as well as Sayuri Healing Food Academy, where we share our passion by teaching easily-applicable raw living food & some cooked vegan food preparation combined with plant-based nutrition. At fully equipped workstations you will work in teams to replicate and re-create our Sayuri Healing Food recipes, magic, and techniques. You will attend lectures, go on field trips, and spend quality time with an inspiring group of people from all over the world. Through the experience we re-connect to ourselves & nature to restore & reinforce our health & find our individual paths to a sustainable, radiant, and healthy lifestyle!

We also offer distance learning through our Sayuri Online Academy, so you can enjoy learning anywhere in the world.

Our passion is to share, teach & remind ourselves that we all are fountains of potential. You can do anything you want & you can become anything you want to become. Food is our tool to discover that. We will learn tools to help you discover your true purpose, your dharma, for yourself and all living beings. We firmly believe all this is possible from the simple act of eating!  And we firmly believe that “what we eat” is one of the easiest ways to align ourselves with the universal energy, our body, mind & spirit!

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About Sayuri Tanaka

Vegan & raw food chef & teacher, founder of “Sayuri Healing Food” Café & Academy, and also co-founder of the other raw vegan café in Bali. Passionate to share & bring the light, joy, excitement & playfulness to the world! Enthusiastic to assist the individual journey to re-discover each gift of who you truly are through retreats, cooking classes and raw food chef trainings that she provides around the world and in Bali. Raw-sweet enthusiast both to create & to eat ;)
Sayuri encourages and promotes a healthy, sustainable, and highly conscious lifestyle for all living beings, the earth, and the future through teaching about raw food and healthy vegan food around the world, and by sharing the love and knowledge she has within.
Sayuri is the author of several cookbooks. She has a magical way of making could-be-intimidating raw food preparation into something simple and encouraging and she inspires readers to discover how making food can be fun, creative, and heart-nourishing.

Amazon Cookbooks: Sayuri Tanaka