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Certificate course

Raw Dessert Chef Training Level 1 - PRO CHEF (Certification)

US$809 $485 | 70 HQ video| 458 minutes (7.6 h) video | 4 Phases >> 15 Modules >> 53 Lessons | 2 Bonus | access to online community | 14 Work submissions

Raw Dessert Chef Certificate from Sayuri Healing Food Academy

Become a professional Raw, Plant-Based, Vegan Dessert Chef by mastering all the skills to develop Raw Vegan Plant-based desserts to work in restaurants & to prepare healthy and delicious treats at home.

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Learn from Sayuri's 20-years’ experience

Sayuri has been working as professional Raw, Plant-Based, Vegan Food Chef for over 20 years. After being active as a chef in restaurants in Japan, she has been sharing her passion for food in many different yoga retreat centers worldwide working together with some of the most famous yoga teachers on this planet. Sayuri has a background in studying macrobiotics, Chinese tonic herbs and plant-based nutrition.
Sayuri brings in her full experience to share about plant-based food knowledge, skills and magic on how to create the most tasteful healthy meals that anyone can enjoy. It is Sayuri’s most heartfelt desire to empower others in a fun way to become the best raw food chef version of themselves!

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Master the art of Raw Dessert Chef

This Online Sayuri Healing Food Raw Dessert Chef Training has the same curriculum as our BALI raw food chef training we had been running over a decade, have sent more than 250 graduates as raw food chef to the world.

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Raw Dessert Chef Training Level 1 - PRO CHEF (Certification)

 Join our internationally renowned Raw Dessert Chef Training and learn how to prepare delicious raw living desserts and snacks! Raw vegan desserts are the perfect start to introduce healthier eating & a healthier lifestyle to your loved ones and family! If “we are what we eat”, join and find out what happens if we eat, higher vibrational, living food! Join us to discover the tool to live sustainable, compassionate and radiant, healthy lifestyle!

“I think raw dessert is a revolution not only because all those fancy delicious desserts are without dairy, egg, wheat, and white sugar but also all the joy, happiness, deliciousness, and sensations are next level. On top, they don't leave you with the feeling of guilt, heaviness, and sluggishness..., if you eat in moderation ;) ;) I am excited to share this magic to all the sweet lovers !!” - Sayuri

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What you will get out of this course?

  • Self-immersion into the vibrant, healthy, delicious raw-living food lifestyle
  • Raw Dessert Chef Certificate from Sayuri Healing Food Academy. (see *Note 1 below)
  • Knowledge and skills to become a confident Raw, Plant-Based, Vegan Dessert Chef, to work in healthy cafes, restaurants and hotels &/or to provide healthy and delicious desserts and snacks for yourself, your family and friends.
  • Skills to make many different types of raw desserts such as cakes, ice creams, tarts, pies, cookies and doughnuts etc.
  • Additional bonus videos to get the taste of training in Bali such as coconut oil making virtual tour.
  • On Phase 1 (see *Note 2 below), fundamental skills and knowledge in the raw food kitchen including hygiene, food allergy, knife skills, equipment & ingredients.
  • Internationally renowned, plant-based, vegan chef, Sayuri s video lessons of her 20 years of experience in this field
  • All the tips and tricks to make raw dessert tasty, exciting, satisfying, comforting for yourself, your family and friends
  • How to apply the learnt skills to create your own recipe
  • Many popular cake recipes from our café, Sayuri Healing Food Café, so if you have ever come to our café before, you can recreate that experience, literally, by creating sweet memories at home!
  • Online support from our instructors for your questions
  • Support through the online community to inspire each other, share your creations, and exchange information with your colleagues.
  • Transformation of your perception of what raw dessert is, and also possible transformation of your lifestyle into much healthier and vibrant living!


*NOTE 1: The certification course requires work submission on each module and Final Project submission in order to obtain Raw Dessert Chef Certificate from Sayuri Healing Food Academy.

*NOTE 2: PHASE 1 (Fundamental: Module 1-4) is the same content for all our RAW FOOD TRAINING Level 1. So, once you have taken PHASE 1, skip it and start from PHASE 2 (Module 5~). You are welcome to go through the PHASE 1 as you need anytime.

What is the curriculum? :

Phase 1

MODULE 1: Introduction, Kitchen Basic, Food Safety
What and why raw food                    
How to use Raw food tools & equipment, what to stock in raw food pantry
How to set up your work space, knife safety, food safety & hygiene

MODULE 2: Basic Raw Food Preparation
Soaking nuts & seeds
Nut milk, high-power blender usage
Activating nuts & seeds, dehydrator usage    
Date paste & food processor usage     

MODULE 3: Food allergy, sweeteners, binders, flavors    
Food allergy            
Binders, flavorings & flavor extracts        

MODULE 4: Superfoods, smoothies, presentation basic & food photography basic
Superfoods for smoothies                 
Presentation & plating basic                
Food photography basic with your smart phone       

Bonus 1: Answering to the student’s FAQ

Phase 2

MODULE 5: Brownie, ice-cream & sauces

Sauce: chocolate ganache

Sauce: raspberry coulis

Quick vanilla ice cream


Bonus recipe: Blondies (TEXT ONLY)

Brownie assembling with ice cream & ganache


MODULE 6: Double chocolate tart

Double chocolate tart crust

Double chocolate tart filling


MODULE 7: Zebra cake

Zebra cakes crust

Zebra cake filling & zebra pattern technic

Cake cutting & plating

Phase 3

MODULE 8: Dessert thicker (sea moss vs agar) & tiramisu         

Agar vs sea moss & sea moss gel

Agar solution

Tiramisu 1st layer (coffee cake)

Tiramisu 2nd layer (chocolate mousse)

Tiramisu 3rd layer (vanilla cream)

Tiramisu garnish & plating

Bonus recipe: matcha tiramisu (TEXT ONLY)   

Recap of nuts products & its interchangeable usage


MODULE 9: Doughnuts

Doughnuts (dehydration) 

Frosting for doughnuts (salted caramel & lavender frosting) & flavoring tips

Doughnuts assembling with frostings


MODULE 10: Nice cream bowl 

What it is, mise en place & food coloring tips 1

Nice cream bowl


MODULE 11: Mud slide cake & mandala design

Mud slide cake crust

Mud slide cake fillings

Mud slide cake design variations: Picasso, swirl, mandala, & food coloring tips 2


BONUS 2: Virtual Tour: Coconut oil making

Virtual tour: coconut oil making

Bonus recipe: coconut oil (TEXT ONLY)

Phase 4

MODULE 12: Banana dream pie

Banana dream pie crust

Banana dream pie 1st layer (mango custard cream filling)

Banana dream pie 2nd layer (vanilla whip cream)

Banana dream pie assembling (with ganache)               


MODULE 13: Fruit roll

Papaya leather & strawberry leather (dehydration)

Fig compote

Fruit roll assembling


MODULE 14: Cookies

Mango jam

Almond butter cookie with jam dot (dehydration)


MODULE 15: Birthday cake & piping

Rum raisins

Chocolate cake                   

Matcha ganache layer

Cashew “butter” cream

Cream piping technic, tips and plating


Final Project

What is the difference between HOME CHEF course ?

Curriculum and video contents are the same. HOME CHEF has no requirement of work submission, whereas PRO CHEF (certification) course requires work submission of photos of your creation with comments on each module and Final Project submission in order to obtain Raw Dessert Chef Certificate from Sayuri Healing Food Academy. So, if you do not need certificate, or if your consider yourself home chef, HOME CHEF can you an option.


Can I upgrade to PRO CHEF (certification) from HOME CHEF?

Yes, you can convert from HOME CHEF to PRO CHEF (certification) course with the balance payment

Already bought HOME ? UPGRADE now!

If you decided to convert from HOME CHEF to PRO CHEF (certification) course after you have finished watching all the video, and have tried out the recipes in HOME CHEF, in order to complete the course and obtain the certificate, all you need to do is to submit your work photos and comments on each module and complete the Final Project submission.Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions


*NOTE :There is no option to switch to HOME CHEF from PRO CHEF (certification). So consult your purpose and need before purchasing

When you purchase the course, what else do you need to buy?

There are 3 basic equipment as raw dessert chef. Blender, food processor and dehydrator. During the course, there will be work submissions and you will need those equipments in order to accomplish the assessment. There are wide price range to purchase those tools so you can buy at your own budget. As a guideline, those 3 equipment’s price range can be from 50 USD to 350 USD or more. Basic cooking tools such as mixing bowls, spatulas, a set of measuring spoons, a set of measuring cups and kitchen scale are needed to follow the recipes. 

For the other small tools and groceries, you can download the list as reference.

Equipment & Tool List

*Many tools on this list are NOT a must and you can find the way around if you do not have. You can always ask questions how to and what to replace.

Ingredients List

*Many ingredients on this list are NOT a must. You can be creative to use of what you have seasonally and geographically and we talk about it on the lessons. You can always ask for help if you need to know what to replace with for certain ingredients.

As for the exact amount, you will have downloadable Shopping & Prep list on each Module, so that you will know what you need to buy and its quantity in advance.

When can I start ? is there any expire date?

You can start any time at your own pace and learn on your own pace! You can always repeat watching videos anytime. The course is for your lifetime and there will be no expiration to complete the course BUT: we highly recommend you aim to complete the entire course within 6 months to make you’re the information you learn to be applied to your assessment while it is fresh.

What our students say

Absolutely amazing! Life-changing experience! I joined this training simply because I love dessert and was searching for an alternative to my sweet cravings. I did not expect that I would want to become a chef at all but I must say I am considering now starting my small business to spread this yumminess and happiness to the world!
I did not even know that you could make such a delicious dessert without animal products, wheat, and white sugar! I also did not know that those desserts make us uplifted, motivated, and happier! This course was beyond my expectations!
Sayuri is so knowledgeable, and I can feel her pure passion for healthy food and she is living this lifestyle. Learning from someone who leads a healthy lifestyle and who is the owner of the most successful vegan/raw restaurant, there is so much you can take in from her teaching!
Highly recommended!

Nina MacDonald

2022 Online Raw Dessert Chef Training Level 1- PRO


Frequently Asked Questions

When does my course begin?

After you purchase your course, you can start anytime you wish. There are no specific start dates.

How and when do I attend class?

Your course is available 24/7 from any internet enabled device. The program is self-paced, meaning there are no specific dates to attend class. You will have lifetime access to your course content.

Is there a time limit to complete this course? 

No, there is not. The course is self-paced, so you are not required to be online at any particular time. It is available to you 24/7 from any internet enabled device. You will have lifetime access to the program.

For how long do I have access to the program?

Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to the course.

What type of support do I get with this course?

There are many opportunities for interaction, engagement, and support throughout your course. As an instructor-guided course, you will have an opportunity to interact with our instructors in multiple ways. This includes communication with teachers directly and our community. Additionally, there is a Facebook Group called ’Sayuri Healing Food Academy' to engage with classmates and your instructional team. Contact [email protected] if you need assistance.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to take this course?

While there are no formal prerequisites, we do have expectations that you are passionate about healthy food and choices as we are, you are open minded and excited to learn something new, have the desire to take the time to cook, experiment, play and have fun. 

Are there age requirements for enrollment?

No. There are no age requirements. We are open and welcoming people of all ages around the world to be better cooks.

Can I modify recipes to suit my specific dietary needs?

Yes, we want all of our students to learn to prepare foods that they can enjoy. Feel free to make any appropriate modifications or adaptations that you need.

How do I pay for the course?

You pay for the entire course tuition at registration time, using VISA, MasterCard, American Express. Contact us via [email protected] if you would like to find out about our no-interest payment plan.

Do I need to be a plant-based eater or vegan to take the course?

Of course not. You don’t have to be 100% plant-based to benefit from this course. We encourage you to look at this course as a resource to help you better understand basic cooking and nutrition principals – information we hope will encourage you to begin incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet. While this course won’t teach you how to prepare animal-based foods, the techniques you learn here, can be applied to any diet that you follow.

What is the difference between HOME CHEF and PRO CHEF?

Curriculum and video contents are exactly the same. HOME CHEF has no requirement of work submission, whereas PRO CHEF (certification) course requires work submission of photos of your creation with comments on each module and Final Project submission in order to obtain Raw Dessert Chef Certificate from Sayuri Healing Food Academy. If you want to obtain a certificate, and you like the challenge of work submission, you want your teacher to assess your dishes that I create, then, we recommend PRO CHEF. If you do not need a certificate, or if you consider yourself home chef, HOME CHEF would be an option.

Will this course teach me how to create my own recipes?

Our true goal is for you to be able to create delicious food of your own creativity using the recipes and techniques that you will learn!

Am I allowed to use recipes from this course at my own raw vegan cafe?

Yes, you can use any of the recipes from the course for your own raw vegan café.

PRO CHEF certificate enables me to work globally as raw dessert chef?

Students receive a RAW DESSERT CHEF Level 1 certificate from Sayuri Healing Food Academy at the end of the training.


Currently, there’s no world standard certificate in raw culinary world equivalent to yoga alliance. Our certificate is a proof of the achievement of raw kitchen skill set.

Whether this training eligible you to work globally as raw food chef of not is depending on your experience and skills, and this course is not to guarantee it.

Having said that, we can always provide the reference if u need when you apply future opportunities in the same filed.


What we can provide is to list your profile on Sayuri Healing Food Chef Directory page. This page is to share your activities and projects, and also for those who are looking for professional vegan chefs world-wide!

apart from our Chef Directly, we are a certified plant-based/ raw food educational school of

Raw Food Chef Alliance (https://rawfoodchefalliance.com/) and our program is entitled to give students the opportunity to register by themselves as Raw Food Chef.

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Level 1 - PRO CHEF (Certification)

Who is ready for the transformation of the ultimate healthy, radiant and purposeful life!

“Dis-ease, is simply dis-harmony from nature. Working with plants and veggies bring us back into alignment. If we align ourselves with the universal energy, our body, mind & spirit function perfectly, just the way they were designed to. We firmly believe that “what we eat” is one of the easiest ways to access that alignment.”

- Sayuri

The Greatest Wealth is Health”

by the Roman poet Virgil


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